Roland D-70 Super LA Synthesizer

Roland D-70 Super LA Synthesizer

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Roland D-70 LA Synthesizer

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About This Keyboard

This is a nice D-70 that seems to be in very good condition. Everything on it that we know how to test works just as it should but we are not experts on this model. All of the keys play and there are no broken ones. Cosmetically it is very nice with just a few scratches here and there but nothing more than you should expect on a used keyboard. The display screen is clear and it has all of the original sounds still installed. I've included a lot of pictures and a video which should pretty much speak for themselves.

  • Specifications
  • Polyphony- 30 voices
  • Oscillators- Digital ROM samples and DLM ("Differential Loop Modulation")
  • LFO- YES
  • Filter- TVF FILTER: low-pass-resonant (like D50).
  • VCA- TVA (like D50).
  • Effects- Reverb, Chorus, Flanger (like D50)
  • #Instruments- 5-parts + 1-percussion
  • Keyboard- 76 note keyboard with velocity and aftertouch
  • Arpeg/Seq- None
  • Memory- 10 user sets, 64 performances, 128 patches, 128 tones.
  • Control- MIDI
  • Date Produced- 1990-91
  • It is important to remember that when buying a used keyboard it may not operate or look exactly like a new one. Used keyboards develop wear over time that can cause such items as function buttons, knobs, sliders etc. to fail to operate as smoothly or easily as when they were new. Our technician does check these items and if they are deemed unusable they are replaced but some function buttons may require more pressure or manipulation to make the appropriate changes. Cosmetically your used keyboard may have scuffs, scratches, cracks to plastic pieces, discolored keys or other visual impairments that might not show up in the photos. We try to mention any obvious visual imperfections but may not consider them serious enough to post in the listing.