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Replacement Keys for Roland Fantom S88, RD-700/700SX, FP3/5/7

Replacement Keys for Roland Fantom S88/X88, RD-700/700SX, FP3/5/7 and Others

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These keys will fit the Roland Fantom S88, RD-700/700SX, FP3/5/7 along with those listed below. They are in good shape but we can not guarantee an exact color match with your existing keys. 

Fantom S88
Fantom X8
Roland FP-3
Fantom FP-5
Roland FP-7
Roland HP-2
Roland HP-3
Roland HP-7
Roland HP-103
Roland HP-237R
Roland KF-7
Roland KF-90
Roland KR-105
Roland KR-377
Roland KR-977
Roland KR-1077
Roland RK-300
Roland RD-700
Roland RD-700SX