Replacement Keys For Roland FA-07

Replacement Keys For Roland FA-07

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These are replacement keys for the Roland FA-07 and I don't know of any other keyboard that uses this exact key. However, they will also fit the Alesis QS7, Korg i4 & X2, Ensoniq MR 61, Ensoniq Fizmo, Kurzweil K2000/K2661 and many others shown below but they have a larger heavier weight than those keys. You must select the key you need from the drop down list. The Korg Triton Le uses the same key but without the weight. If you can't find the weighted key that you need you could use the Triton Le key. Once the key spring is installed I can't feel a difference between the weighted and unweighted keys. Some keys may not have the little plastic locking tab in the rear but they stay on just fine once the key spring in installed. Exact color match with your current keys can not be guaranteed. If you can't find the exact key that you need for those keyboards listed below then these would probably be a suitable substitute.

Korg PA80
Korg X2 
Access Virus TI Polar
Access Virus Indigo 2
Alesis Andromeda
Alesis Fusion 6HD 
Alesis QuadraSynth
Alesis QS6
Alesis QS6.1
Alesis QS7
Alesis QS7.1
Dave Smith Poly Evolver
Dave Smith Prophet 6 
Dave Smith Prophet 08
Dave Smith Prophet 12 
Dave Prophet Rev 2
Emu Longboard
Emu Mo'Phatt MK-6
Emu Proteus PK-6
Emu Shortboard
Emu Vintage Keys
Emu Xtreme Keys XK-6
Ensoniq Fizmo
Ensoniq MR-61 
Kurzweil K2000 (full)
Kurzweil K2661
Kurzweil KME61
Kurzweil PC161 
Minimoog Voyager 
Minimoog Voyager XL
Novation KS4 
Novation KS5
Novation Remote 49 
Novation Remote 25SL
Novation Remote 25SL MK II
Novation X-Station 25
Novation X-Station 49
Novation X-Station 61
Waldorf Blofeld
Waldorf XTK