Replacement Key For KS32, ZR76, TS12, ASR88, KT76,

Replacement Key For KS32, ZR76, TS12, ASR88, KT76, Yellowed (Type 2)

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These keys are Yellowed and we can not guarantee an exact match with you existing keys. They were removed from a KS-32 but also fit the KT-76 and ASR-88 and some ZR-76 keyboards They also fit the Kurzweil PC88 and several other Kurzweil models. The picture just shows a sample key but you can just select the key you need. There were two slightly different versions of this key produced as seen in the second photo. You will see that one has a ridge on the bottom front of the key while the other doesn't. Both styles will fit your keyboard but if they don't match up the different key will sit just slightly higher or lower than the rest. We recommend that if your current keys have this ridge then you should order the type 2 key. Also note that some ZR-board used a different key with only one prong protruding from the bottom. We have those here. Please be aware that we can not guarantee an exact color match with your existing keys.