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Korg PA-500 Professional Arranger

Korg PA-500 Professional Arranger

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Korg PA-500 Professional Arranger

Complete with Power Adapter and Newest OS

About This Keyboard

VERY LIMITED TIME OFFER!! This PA-500 is in excellent working order and sounds AMAZING!!!. I haven't found anything on it that doesn't work just as it should. This PA-500 has the newest OS version 1.19 already installed. All of the keys play well and there are no cracked or broken ones. The display screen is bright and clear. Cosmetically it is very good with just the normal wear and tear that you should expect on a used keyboard. It includes the power adapter. I have included a lot of pictures and a video and I think you can just let them speak for themselves.


  • Year of Release: 2008
  • Keyboard: 61 keys with Velocity
  • System: OPOS (Objective Portable Operating System) and RX (Real eXperience) Technology – Multitasking, Load while play feature – Upgradable Operative System - SSD Solid State Disk
  • Tone Generator: KORG EDS (Enhanced Definition Synthesis) sound generator: 80 Voices, 80 Oscillators - Filters with Resonance - Three band EQ for each track
  • Effects: 4 Stereo Digital Multi-Effect systems - 124 Effects types - Final semi-parametric three band EQ
  • Sounds-Drum Kits: User area: 128 Sounds, 64 Drum Kits - Realtime control: Assignable Slider, Switch - Full editing of Sounds and Drum Kits
  • Styles: Up to 448 available Style locations- 64 User Styles - Eight Style tracks, 4 Single Touch Settings and one Style Performance per Style - Guitar Track, Parallel and Fixed NTT - Compatible with old "i-Series" and Pa series Style format - Style Record with Step Record, Track and Event Edit functions - Style controls: 4 Variations, 3 Fills, 3 Intros, 3 Endings, Synchro Start/Stop, Tap Tempo/Reset, Fade In/Out, Bass Inversion, Manual Bass, Tempo Lock, Memory, Accompaniment/Real Time Track Balance Volume, Accompaniment Mute, Drum Mapping, Snare & Kick Designation, Single Touch
  • Performance/STS: 256 Realtime Performance locations - STS: Memorize Realtime tracks settings, up to 4 x 512 Styles, up to 4 x SongBook entries - All programmable
  • Realtime Tracks: Four Keyboard tracks (Upper 1, 2, 3, Lower) - 4 Pad tracks
  • Song Play: Patented XDS Crossfade Dual Sequencer player - 2 Sequencers with separate Select, Start/Stop, Home, Rewind and Fast Forward controls - Balance control - Lyrics data can be displayed on-screen - Markers - Jukebox function - Compatible with SMF (formats 0 and 1)
  • Sequencer: Quick Record (Backing Sequence), Multitrack and Step Record functions - Full-featured sequencer - 16 tracks - Up to 110,000 events - SMF native format
  • SongBook: Fully programmable music database, based on Styles, SMF, Karaoke, with automatic selection of Style Play and Song Play modes - User-definable custom lists - Filtering options
  • Compatibility: "i-Series" models: Styles - Pa series: Style, Performance, Program/Sound, Song, SongBook, Pad
  • Multi Pad: 4 Assignable Pads + Stop Button. Pad Record function
  • Help System: Hypertextual, Contextual, Multilingual
  • Quarter Tone Sub Scale: Miniature keyboard + four preset buttons in the front panel available in Oriental and Turkiye versions only
  • General Controls: Master Volume, Real Time-Acc/Seq Balance Volume, Ensemble, Octave Transpose, Master Transpose, Style Change, - User Scale memorized inside Performance/STS - Realtime controllers: Joystick (pitch + modulation), Assignable Slider, Assignable Switch, Dial, Up/+, Down/-, Keyboard Split
  • Control Inputs: Damper Pedal, Assignable Pedal/Footswitch
  • Analog Output: Unbalanced Jack Left/Mono, Right, Headphones
  • Analog Input: 2 Unbalanced Line In Jacks
  • MIDI: In, Out standard Midi connectors- USB to Midi using the USB Device port - Individual track assignment - 8 user definable MIDI Setups
  • USB: 1 USB Device connection (1.1 Full Speed)
  • Card Slot: SD (Secure Digital) Card and MultiMedia Card (MMC) Memory Devices
  • Display: 320 x 240 pixels, Monochrome TouchView Graphic Touch Screen
  • Amplification: 2 x 15 W - Fixed EQ
  • Speakers: 2 Double Cone Speakers in Bass Reflex Box
  • Power Supply: DC 12V external power supply (supplied)
  • Consumption: 15 Watt
  • Colors: Oriental: Blue - Musikant: Dark Grey - Turkiye: Blue - China: Blue
  • Dimensions: 1074 / 42,2" (W) x 404 / 15,9" (D) x 183 / 7,5" (H) mm / inch without music rest
  • Weight: 9.9 kg / 21.8 lbs
  • Accessories: Manual, AC adapter, Music Stand

It is important to remember that when buying a used keyboard it may not operate or look exactly like a new one. Used keyboards develop wear over time that can cause such items as function buttons, knobs, sliders etc. to fail to operate as smoothly or easily as when they were new. Our technician does check these items and if they are deemed unusable they are replaced but some function buttons may require more pressure or manipulation to make the appropriate changes. Cosmetically your used keyboard may have scuffs, scratches, cracks to plastic pieces, discolored keys or other visual impairments that might not show up in the photos. We try to mention any obvious visual imperfections but may not consider them serious enough to post in the listing.