Key Hammer Weights for Roland FP8, RD-600 and Others

Key Hammer Weights for Roland FP8, RD-500/600 and Others (USED)

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These hammer weights are used and contain some cracks in the plastic from regular use but should be good for quite a bit more use and at this price you could replace them several times for the cost of a new one. I applied reasonable finger pressure trying to break them and discarded any that broke. They might be the older style or the newer style but either will work. These hammers will also fit the models shown below.

Roland A-90
Roland A-90 EX
Roland FP-1
Roland FP-9
Roland HP-145
Roland HP-147
Roland HP-236 
Roland HP-237
Roland HP-237E
Roland HP-245B
Roland HP-330
Roland HP-535 
Roland KR-370
Roland KR-375
Roland KR-570  
Roland KR-575  
Roland KR-575P
Roland KR-770
Roland MP-300
Roland XV-88
Roland RD-500 (type 2)
Roland RD-600