Yamaha EX7 Demo/Reset Disk Set

Yamaha EX7 Demo/Reset Disk Set

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This is the 4 disks set that was originally issued with a new EX7. It contains the Demo songs and the reset file. Use the following procedure to reset your EX7.

WARNING: All user-stored data (Internal Voices, Performances, Song, Patterns, Keymap, Arpeggiator, Groove Quantize, Global MIDI and Utility settings) will be deleted. If the current settings and data are not expendable, save the data to disk before executing the Factory Reset.

Reference: Owner's Manual, p. 263

 Power on while holding the [EXIT] button.

2) Insert Demo Disk 1.

3) Press the [DISK] button.

4) Press the [F2] LOAD button.

5) Select [ALL].

6) Press the [ENTER] button twice.

7) Press the [YES] button.

Reference: Owner's Manual, p. 27
Any files on this disk are being provided free of charge and are readily available for download on the internet. We are charging only for the disk and labor involved in preparing the disk for your use.