Replacement Key for Korg iS50, i5S, X5, X5D, Roland EM-15/25

Replacement Key for Korg iS50, i5S, X5, X5D, Roland EM-15/25 (D Grade)

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These are replacement keys for a Korg iS50. They will also fit the i5S, X5, X5D, Roland EM-15/25 along with those models shown below. You need from the drop down list. We can not guarantee an exact color match with your existing keys and these keys have heavy yellowing, scratching and stains but are otherwise usable. The photo is only to show the style. These keys look worse than the photo depicts.

Roland AX-1 
Roland AX-7
Roland C-180
Roland DJ-70
Roland E-14
Roland E-15
Roland E-16
Roland E-28
Roland E-35
Roland E-36 
Roland E-38
Roland E-50
Roland E-68
Roland E-300 
Roland EM-10
Roland EM-15 
Roland EM-20
Roland EM-25
Roland EM-30
Roland EM-50
Roland EM-55
Edirol PC-160A 
Edirol PC-180A
Edirol PC-200
EdirolPC-200 Mk II
Roland EG-101
Roland EXR-5S
Roland VA-3
Korg i5S
Korg iS50 
Korg MS2000
Korg PA60 
Korg X5
Korg X5D
Access Virus Indigo
Alesis Ion
Alesis Micron
Nord Lead 1 
Nord Lead 2
Nord Lead 2x
Nord Lead 4 
Nord Lead A1 
Navation BassStation
Novation K-Station 25
Quasimidi Sirius