Korg Grandstage 88 Key Stage Piano

Korg Grandstage 88 Key Stage Piano

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Korg Grandstage 88 Key Stage Piano

Complete with music rest, power cord and original carton

About This Keyboard

This Grandstage has some scratches on the backside from a stand and because of that you can get it at an amazing bargain price. Cosmetically it is excellent but you can see some scratches on the backside beside the G in Grandstage. It has the newest OS version 1.03 already installed and includes the music rest, power cord and original box. Stand not included.

Korg Re-defines the Stage Piano

Equipped with seven mighty sound engines, impeccable RH3 fully weighted hammer action, and advanced controller functionality, the Korg Grandstage 88 gives you unparalleled performance onstage and in the studio. Korg is on the cutting edge of evolving digital piano technology, and they've packed their latest stage piano with the best of it. Leveraging the power of their SGX-2 acoustic piano engine, the Grandstage 88's acoustic piano sounds are stunning: natural, responsive, and lavishly detailed. The EP-1 electric piano engine delivers a selection of epic EPs, all infinitely tweakable. With a total of 500 sounds on tap — including tonewheel organs, vintage analog synths, classic keys, and more, Grandstage has you covered for any live gig or studio session. At once a world-class stage piano and a masterful controller, the Korg Grandstage 88 will take your performances to new heights.

Seven sound engines, infinite possibilities

The Korg Grandstage ships with a total of 500 sound programs. From acoustic instruments to gritty analog synths, Grandstage's seven synthesis engines can provide every sound you need. The SGX-2 acoustic piano engine captures every nuance of six world-class German and Japanese grand pianos, from damper resonance to mechanical noise. Then there's the EP-1 electric piano engine, which uses Multi-Dimensional Synthesis to let you tweak, morph, and totally customize the six included EPs. Take it from Sweetwater — these two synthesis engines are worth the price of admission alone — and they're just the beginning!

Organs, modeling, and more

The Grandstage includes three organ sound engines. The CX-3 tonewheel engine reproduces Korg's classic combo organ that was introduced in 1980. The VOX organ engine delivers the sound of the legendary transistor organ of the 1960s. The Compact transistor organ sound engine simulates other compact organs that helped shape the sound of '60s rock. Also onboard the Grandstage is Korg's powerful AL-1 analog modeling sound engine, which serves up beautiful reed and brass sounds. The sonic bounty is rounded out by the HD-1 PCM sound engine, which covers a variety of sounds that include classic keyboard instruments, an 8-level multi-sampled clavinet, as well as harpsichord, pipe organ, mellotron, and the distinctive bite of an FM piano. Onstage or in the studio, the Grandstage is all you'll need to ace the gig.

Korg Grandstage 88 Stage Piano Features:

  • Powered by 7 sound engines: SGX-2 acoustic piano; EP-1 electric pianos; CX-3, VOX, and Compact organs; AL-1 analog modeling; and the HD-1 PCM engine
  • Acclaimed RH3 keybed responds to your every playing nuance
  • Premium RH3 weighted hammer action for realistic concert grand feel: heavier in the lower register, lighter in the upper
  • Master effects, including 3-band EQ, reverb, and delay
  • Dynamics knob lets you customize the playing feel of the keyboard in real time
  • Favorites buttons let you register up to 64 of your go-to sounds for instant recall
  • Korg's Smooth Sound Transition (SST) creates smooth and natural changes between sounds and effects while you perform
  • Effortless layer and split functionality
  • Panel Lock prevents sounds or settings from being inadvertently changed
  • Crafted in Japan to exacting Korg standards
  • Includes power cord and music rest

Tech Specs

  • Number of Keys: 88
  • Type of Keys: Weighted (RH3 keybed), velocity-sensitive
  • Other Controllers: Pitchbend, Mod Wheel
  • Presets: 500 sounds
  • Polyphony: Up to 128 voices
  • Effects: Reverb, Delay, EQ
  • Audio Outputs: 2 x 1/4" (left, right), 2 x XLR (left, right), 1 x 1/4" (headphones)
  • USB: 1 x Type A, 1 x Type B
  • MIDI I/O: In/Out
  • Pedal Inputs: 3 x 1/4" (damper, switch, pedal), DS-1H included
  • Bench/Stand Included: Stand
  • Power Supply: Standard IEC AC cable
  • Height: 5.51"
  • Width: 51.6"
  • Depth: 14.1"
  • Weight: 44 lbs.
  • Manufacturer Part Number: GRANDSTAGE88

It is important to remember that when buying a used keyboard it may not operate or look exactly like a new one. Used keyboards develop wear over time that can cause such items as function buttons, knobs, sliders etc. to fail to operate as smoothly or easily as when they were new. Our technician does check these items and if they are deemed unusable they are replaced but some function buttons may require more pressure or manipulation to make the appropriate changes. Cosmetically your used keyboard may have scuffs, scratches, cracks to plastic pieces, discolored keys or other visual impairments that might not show up in the photos. We try to mention any obvious visual imperfections but may not consider them serious enough to post in the listing.